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Not all renewable energy projects are the same. Our mission is to educate our communities about large-scale renewable energy projects so together we can make informed decisions that protect our environment and keep our neighborhoods safe.

Energy storage is a critical part of realizing our renewable energy future. However, “where” and “how” matter. While lithium-ion battery technology is relatively inexpensive, the risks of fires and explosions, environmental contamination, and threats to wildlife are too great. An unmanned, utility-scale lithium-ion battery facility, with questionable failure rates for automated detection and mitigation, make the proposed AES Rancho Viejo Project too dangerous for our communities. Facilities like this simply do not belong within a mile or less of residential communities in Santa Fe County, especially if they are more than 20 minutes from the nearest emergency response.

Even if the proposed site was close to emergency fire facilities, not surrounded by dry brush, the nature of thermal runaway lithium-ion battery fires makes them very difficult to extinguish. And even if a fire response were able to arrive quickly, addressing fires of this type frequently results in dangerous “forever” chemicals being released into our air and water supply. 

The CEC believes in the power of the local community, and seeks to develop renewable energy alternatives, including community-based solar and sustainable storage solutions. Please join us in our fight to protect Santa Fe County from out-of-state energy companies that put shareholder profits over the safety of our communities and our environment.


The CEC was formed as an informal group called Keep Eldorado Safe in June 2023. The group grew quickly, and by the end of the summer over 100 volunteers had distributed flyers to more than 3,000 homes in Eldorado and surrounding areas. By October, the Keep Eldorado Safe steering committee filed with the New Mexico Secretary of State and the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, with a name that more clearly reflected the larger mission: Clean Energy Coalition for Santa Fe County.

First Keep Eldorado Safe meeting.

In September 2023, AES Corporation filed a Temporary Restraining Order to prevent the County from sharing full details about the company’s proposal to develop a utility-scale battery storage facility near the communities of Eldorado, Rancho San Marcos, and Rancho Viejo claiming it contained “trade secrets”. CEC was granted a motion to intervene in the case, arguing that the public must understand the risks and hazards with locating such a facility so close to residential communities.

Thanks to the work of CEC, AES dropped its suit in April 2024, ensuring greater transparency. The public can now better understand the dangers associated with the AES Rancho Viejo proposal.

Our Team

Lee Zlotoff

Dayna Matlin
Community Liaison

Catherine Babbitt
Legal Review

Cindy Fuqua

Randy Coleman
Vice President, Engineering

Victoria Salem Clark
Community Outreach

Robert Foody
Media Relations

Stace Williams


We are a completely volunteer-run organization that is funded through individual donations. Our main expenses are legal and consulting fees.

Please consider making a meaningful donation today.

None of our work would be possible without friends and neighbors, just like you, helping to keep our community and environment safe. 

If you’d like to volunteer, please contact Dayna, our Community Liaison, at info@cleanenergycoalitionsfc.org.